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Microsoft Word 2002 explained  -  BP510  -  £6.99

One of over 70 books by Phil Oliver and Noel Kantaris, published by Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd. Suitable for all Word 2002 users.

If you are a PC user and want to get to grips with Microsoft Office XPís new word processor as quickly as possible, then this book is for you; no previous knowledge is assumed. The book explains:-

  • What hardware specification you need to run the package, and how to install it onto your system.

  • How to become familiar with the Word environment and how to quickly access and benefit from the built-in Help system.

  • How to enter, edit and enhance text and how to become comfortable working with document page layouts, paragraph styles, document templates, textboxes and frames.

  • How to use some of the program's more advanced features, including Drawing, Tables, Graphing, and how to manage your files, and use Outlining to manage large documents.

  • How to use Word as your e-mail editor, and how to use it to create and customise Web pages.

  • How to share information with other applications by importing, linking, embedding, and carrying out mail merge operations. How to customise Word by creating simple recorded macros, designing custom toolbars and manipulating buttons options.

Last updated - 31 March 2006