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Paint Shop Pro 8 explained

BP545  -  7.99

ISBN: 0 85934 545 9
Published June 2004
320 pages


One of over 70 books by Phil Oliver and Noel Kantaris, published by Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd.

This book will help you to learn how to use Paint Shop Pro 8 and let you produce professional looking results, in the shortest possible time. It has been written for both new users and those upgrading from previous versions of Paint Shop Pro. It was written using Paint Shop Pro 8.1 running with Windows XP, but it is also applicable if you are using other versions of Windows, as only a working knowledge of the Windows environment is assumed.

This book contains details of:-

  • How to install, customise and keep the program up to date from the Internet.

  • Finding your way around the interface and using the toolbars and palettes to best effect.

  • How to work with graphic images and photos, both scanned and from a digital camera.

  • Using the package as an electronic painting tool.

  • Using text, layers, masks and scripts.

  • An introduction to using vector drawing tools.

  • How to optimise your images for use over the Internet.

A glossary is also included, along with appendices of keyboard shortcut commands, details of supported file formats, an explanation of Colour Models and other useful material. Thus making it an essential reference book long after you have mastered the software.

Suitable for  -  Beginners,  Intermediate and  Advanced Users

Last updated - 30 April 2006