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Easy PC Keyboard Shortcuts

BP548 -  7.99

ISBN: 0 85934 548 3
Published Aug 2004
208 pages

One of over 70 books by Phil Oliver and Noel Kantaris, published by Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd.

Many actions carried out on a PC have keyboard shortcuts attached to them. These are especially useful for people who are more used to the keyboard than to a mouse. For touch typists they are essential. But anyone who takes the trouble to learn these shortcuts will find they can work far faster than using just menu systems or toolbar buttons. This how-to reference guide will provide you with the information to use these keyboard shortcuts, and should also reduce mouse stress to your wrists and arms.

The book explains the keyboard shortcuts for:

  • Microsoft Windows XP and its accessories

  • Windows Media Player 9

  • Internet Explorer 6

  • Outlook 2003 and Outlook Express 6

  • Microsoft Office 2003

  • Word, Excel and Access 2003

  • Publisher 2003

  • PowerPoint 2003

  • FrontPage 2003

  • Microsoft Works Suite 2004 and Works 7.0

  • Paint Shop Pro 8

  • Adobe Reader 6

  • Adobe Acrobat 6

Although the shortcuts listed are for the latest versions of these programs, many will work with older programs. With a little trial and error, the book will be useful to anyone using any versions of the above software.

A glossary of computer terms is also included to make this a very useful reference to keep with your PC.

Suitable for  -  Beginners,  Intermediate and  Advanced Users


Last updated - 30 April 2006