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Using pdf files

BP555 - 7.99

ISBN: 0 85934 555 6
Published July 2005
226 pages


One of over 70 books by Phil Oliver and Noel Kantaris, published by Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd.

After reading this book you should be happy to read and work with pdf files on your computer. pdf stands for portable document format, and is a universal file format that preserves the fonts, images, graphics, and layout of a document, no matter where it was made and what you use to view it. The file format was first developed by Adobe, but has now become the standard for documents and eBooks used around the globe.

The book explains:-

  • What pdf files are, and why they are used.

  • How to obtain and use the free Adobe Reader software to read pdf files and eBooks.

  • How to obtain and use some of the low priced or free software that is easily available, to create your pdf files.

  • How to create pdf files yourself.

  • How to create your own eBooks.

Details of the keyboard shortcuts for Adobe Reader and Acrobat are included, as is an extensive glossary of pdf and general computing terms. So this should continue to be an essential reference book long after you have mastered the techniques described.

Suitable for  -  Beginners and  Intermediate Users

Last updated - 30 April 2006