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- 7.99

ISBN: 978 0 85934 565 8
Published November 2008
368 pages

Google Explored  -  BP595  -  7.99

One of over 80 books by Phil Oliver and Noel Kantaris, published by Bernard Babani (publishing) Ltd. Suitable for all users.

 These days we all use simple Google searches when we are on the Internet, to such an extent that to 'google' is now an accepted English verb. But Google is much more than just a search tool, as this book explains. Google Explored has been written to help you use Google Search more effectively, and to explore many of the other applications and tools offered by Google. Chapters include:

Introducing Google as a company, using Web Search and how to make online shopping quick and easy with Google Product Search and Google Checkout.

Installing and using the Google Toolbar to add new functions to your Explorer or Firefox Web browsers, and how to AutoFill forms on Web pages.

Using Google News to easily keep abreast of World and local news as and when it happens, as well as searching and exploring historical news archives.

Using Google Finance to get instant up to date and historical data on stocks and shares, mutual funds, foreign currencies and public companies.

Carrying out all your E-mailing with Google Mail, creating, organising and sharing your documents, spreadsheets and presentations by 'cloud computing' with Google Docs, and how to organise your life with the Google Calendar.

Organising, editing and sharing your digital photos with Picasa.
Watching videos, searching for them, or displaying your own videos on the Internet with YouTube.

Using Google Maps to view maps and local business information, get driving, walking and public transport directions, get traffic information, view satellite imagery and walk through Street View of some parts of the World.

Flying with Google Earth to anywhere on the globe and viewing satellite imagery, maps, terrain, Street View, 3D buildings and even explore galaxies in Sky, and nearer to home, the Moon.

Finally a chapter is included giving a comprehensive introduction to Google's new Web browser, Google Chrome.

One of the exciting things about writing this book was the speed with which things change with Google. Nothing seems to stay the same for long. Programs were added and changed all the way through. Where possible we have included the changes here.

We are sure you will enjoy this book, we certainly enjoyed the research involved. Hopefully there may be enough demand for a follow up, in the not too distant future. Good luck and have fun.

Last updated - 6 December 2008